So basically it was Caleb’s idea to save Zach and now it’s Caleb’s idea to get rid of Nicole. Caleb should get more props for gameplay. With the exception of a terrible strategy for comp throwing. Like damn bro you could have been yanking that chain like WHOOPS I just can’t get it under control!

oh well

I just want to punch Frankie in the nose every time he cheers for Zach.


first things first i’m image

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So I had this weird dream where I was showering with Liam Payne and it was great and steamy and whatever but then all the sudden his penis was the size of a fucking eggplant and I got scared and left

So how are you all?


real talk tangled is better than frozen 

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Footballers - Juan Mata (Requested by anons)
Footballers - Juan Mata (Requested by anons)

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